Who Benefits From Saying Climate Change Is A Myth?

The increase in temperatures in the past two centuries is the most obvious proof of the potential disaster our planet is currently facing.  Humanity stands before a critical moment in both its existence and that of every living organism that could disappear due to the indiscriminate greenhouse gas emissions.

The consequences of global warming became most evident during the last quarter of the twentieth century, when both research and tangible effects turned exponential.

This state of emergency motivated more studies and campaigns, global initiatives, as well as attempts to raise public awareness on the severity of the issue. Questions were raised over whether there was still time to reverse the effects of this catastrophe.

The utilitarian reasoning that led humans to believe Earth was a planet of endless resources, able to satisfy every human desire, has finally shattered. The reality is that the planet that was thought to be a boundless gift is now facing an apocalyptic scenario.

Yet even as there is plenty of proof on hand, there is a growing disconnect between empirical verification of this phenomenon and the notion of what is happening. For the millions of people used to distrusting official government statements, international institutions, and experts on the matter, climate change is one big hoax. It’s enveloped in one conspiracy theory after another. The real problem does not reside in the questioning of the issue, but how that shred of doubt has been planted by a narrative whose sole purpose is to keep profits high.

Who benefits from saying climate change is fake?

Those who choose to not believe this is a real phenomenon are not basing their conclusions on our innate sense of wonder and curiosity. They’re not even willing to pin it on a lack of scientific studies and methods, or even the lack of irrefutable demonstrations of climate change.

This idea originates from powerful groups able to influence economic, scientific, and global policies. They use their positions within corporations, universities, labs, and lobbyists to legitimize their version of the truth. The fossil fuel industry is a billion dollar enterprise that has shaped the world to their own interests for over a century.


During the second half of the twentieth century, nobody could even fathom life without coal, oil, or internal combustion engines. The world’s electricity, gas for heating and cooking, as well as gasoline and diesel for transportation, are powered by fossil energy.

This has led to the erroneous idea that they are basic utilities for modern life or, at least, a necessary evil to keep the world’s population in motion. Yet research and development of alternative energy has proven to be not only more efficient, but also cheaper, renewable, and harmless to the environment.


In a free society, believing global warming is a myth is a valid opinion like any other. But promoting the idea that it’s not been scientifically proven, in order to skew the methods to reverse it, is not just an ignorant opinion, but also harmful, dangerous, and, most of all, a manipulation created from those who wish to exploit the Earth to extinction.

Read some interesting quotes by one of our top living scientists, Stephen Hawking.

Propaganda does not only work for the fossil fuel industry; there are several groups who benefit from providing their version of the facts. 

 Translated by María Suárez

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