Photographs That Reveal The Melancholy Of An Ordinary Girl

"Under a veil of subtle make-up, a delicate flower awakens with the dawn and yearns for the moon. Her greatest desire is to be free. She is the woman who travels the world without fear, walks down the streets with her head held high, and she loves without pretense."  This photographic series belongs to the visual artist Angie López, a young woman who is driven to expose the pain of being a woman. She studied art in the University of Barcelona and there she learnt how to direct her feelings to highly aesthetic and reflective works. 

As we can appreciate, Angie's main subjects are women immersed in a melancholy world. Her work's aim is to create a sense of catharsis and empathy for the women who suffer from loneliness, desperation, and pain. Her art serves as a giant mirror, making the audience reflect on obstacles that have been overcome in life. 

The soft, jewel-toned quality of her work show her attempts to free women from their melancholy state. Their delicacy is apparent, highlighting the vast difference in rights between the sexes that prevails in the XXI century. 

Flowers floating on clear water, and long wavy hair fiercely pulled speak of the unfulfilled desires and how women are controlled by a world they have no say in. She wishes to dominate her life's course but is unable to because in each corner there is a new sign pointing at a new direction and criticism that hurts her. 

Self-esteem is a constant thorn on her side. She knows she must be tough and beautiful, but everyday she is weakened by the vitriol and criticism of others. As she walks down the streets she is told to ignore the comments and to keep her head down. If you walk in fear, how will you ever be able to follow you heart and intuition?

Frustration is a constant companion and self doubt forces you to hesitate every step of the way. 
We all have dreams and we all have secrets, but sometimes figuring out how to make them happen or who to share them with is a question we struggle to answer. 

Physical and emotional pain are inevitable and at least once you wonder, "Why wasn't I born a man? Wouldn't life be simpler? Would I be respected by my peers and feel confident every step of the way? Would my voice be heard?"  

The die was cast and even if you wonder what it would be like to be a man, you don't regret for a second your sex and destiny. 

Each month there is a period of torture and nature places an unbearable weight on your stomach. The pain keeps growing and at the same time your self-esteem takes a beating. Even if flowers float placidly on the waters, we all know roses have sharp thorns. 

As we float about life, we recall our mothers' words of wisdom, where our bodies are to be treated like temples and we only seek devotees willing to pay homage. We shy away from the stomping feet and reptilian minds of conquerors who only want to plunder. It may be that some wolves in sheep clothing will step inside and all that will remain is the bitter regret of having trusted someone. But the bitterness and regret will fade with the coming dawn.

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