The Best Most Irreverent Thanksgiving Cartoon Episodes To Laugh Your Ass Off

There’s no better way to spend Thanksgiving than hanging out with your family. I’m not quite talking about your parents and siblings, but actually about those hilarious, sassy, and irreverent families from your favorite cartoon series.

What better way to spend the long Thanksgiving weekend than watching crazy and hilarious stories with our favorite cartoon characters? Honestly, can you picture a better anything better than laughing at Peter Griffin’s nonsense, Cartman’s sassy curses, or Homer’s dumb yet accurate remarks? I seriously can’t. Many television shows create their own Thanksgiving specials. Some of them are emotional, others are just plain cheesy, and others are great comedic gems, but there’s something about these cartoons that takes it all and merges it in a whirlpool of irreverence and nonsense that we all love. So, buckle up and have the best Thanksgiving marathon with these episodes.


Family Guy

Season 10, Episode 6


If one thing’s for sure, it’s that normality isn’t the norm in the Griffin household. As the family and friends get ready for their Thanksgiving dinner, the Swansons are having a bad time remembering their eldest son, who allegedly died on Thanksgiving in Iraq. All of a sudden, when things are getting weird with Quagmire’s dad, who just had gender reassignment surgery, Kevin Swanson walks through the door, surprising everybody. I won’t say more, but his survival isn’t as heroic as it sounds, the whole confrontation is full of Peter’s random and hilarious comments that have nothing to do with the situation, and the jewel of the episode: baby Susie Swanson’s voice!

“Homer vs. Dignity”

The Simpsons

Season 12, Episode 5


After celebrating Bart’s unusual and extraordinary A grade on a test, Homer is told that his credit card has been declined. After going to a finance expert, he realizes he needs to make some extra money. To do so, he decides to ask Mr. Burns for a raise, but since Smithers is out of town, pursuing his dream of becoming a musical actor, Burns sees Homer’s despair as a great way to have fun. Homer becomes his sideshow clown and has to endure all sorts of humiliations for money. All this on Thanksgiving Eve. Let me just say, you can’t really say no to Mr. Burns.

“Black Friday”

South Park

Season 17, Episode 7


This is the first part of a three-episode special inspired by the popular Game of Thrones series. “Black Friday” is followed by “A Song of Ass and Fire” and “Titties and Dragons,” and you know how South Park does things. While the mall’s security team gets ready for Black Friday, Cartman tells the other kids about an 80% discount for the first thirty customers in the store that makes their wish to get a brand video game console very possible. It’s all perfect until they realize that some of them want a PS4 and others the Xbox One, turning them into two different armies willing to do anything to get their own consoles before the others. The episode is preparation for the story that will conclude in a Red-Wedding-like ambush at a restaurant.

“An Indecent Thanksgiving Proposal”

Bob’s Burgers

Season 3, Episode 5


In the show’s first Thanksgiving episode, Bob decides to rent his entire family for five free months of rent to Mr. Fischoeder, who desperately wants his former girlfriend to see he’s finally settled down and happy. Bob, who loves Thanksgiving so much and has different traditions with each member of his family, will pose as Fischoeder’s cook and plans everything for each family member to visit him in the kitchen to keep the traditions alive. If you’ve seen the show, you know nothing will go as planned.

“A Brown Thanksgiving”

The Cleveland Show

Season 1, Episode 7


As a Family Guy spinoff, you can rest assured that the humor in this series is absolutely saucy and dark. In this episode, Cleveland Brown starts getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving with his new family and his parents. Then, it all gets a little crazy when Cleveland walks in on his wife’s Auntie Momma in the bathroom and discovers she is a trans woman. Cleveland tries to let everybody know about it all through the dinner, which leads to a huge mess. P.S. that Rallo kid is absolutely amazing.

There’s a reason why these cartoons have lasted for such a long time, and that is their genius way of talking about everyday situations without caring about political correctness or whether they will hurt people’s sensibilities. Mix that with some sassy takes on Thanksgiving, and you get the most hilarious and irreverent situations ever.



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