20 Comic Strips That Will Show You Why Voting Is So Important

The midterms are here, and it's important to make your voice heard! Here are 20 comic strips that show the importance of voting.

The midterms are here, and now more than ever it's vital to make your voice heard. It’s hard to overstate the importance of voting this time around, as key issues that will define the future of the country—and indeed the world—are at stake. Climate change, gun control, women’s rights, and LGBT+ rights are but a few examples. Today, America looks divided, nationally and internationally torn apart by conflict and rising tensions. These elections will decide the path to unity, and the fate of the American way of life, for years to come. So, yeah, it’s hard to overstate the importance of voting this time around, but just in case you need a more graphic reminder of this fact, here are 20 comic strips that will show you why voting is so important. 

#1: Social Media Warrior

(Prickly City for November 01, 2018. By Scott Stantis)

No, it's not enough to tweet about it. If you want your rage to count for something, you need to let the government know through your vote.


#2: A Passionate Intensity

(Monty for October 01, 2018. By Jim Meddick)

Just don't get too excited. You must spread your energy and civic sense of duty to others, not scare them away!

#3: Vote, But Vote My Way

(Prickly City for November 02, 2018. By Scott Stantis)


Be careful with counterproductive practices, especially if you're trying to convince others to vote for something specific rather than just generally to go out and vote.

#4: It's Lonely At The Top

(Prickly City for November 03, 2018. By Scott Stantis)

Otherwise, it can get lonely really quickly.

#5: Democracy Store

(Tom Toles for November 06, 2018)

The pen is mightier than the sword, and a ballot is far more powerful than an assault rifle when it comes to letting the government know your stance. You won't defend yourself against the full force of the State with a rifle, but you can effect a change with a vote.


#6: Focused On The Wrong Thing

(Prickly City for November 05, 2018. By Scott Stantis)

Stop looking at your screen for a moment and get out there!

#7: There's Only One Clear Choice

(Ziggy for November 05, 2018. By Tom Wilson & Tom II)

Yeah, even if you don't love your options, there's always a path or general strategy to employ if you're willing to look at the big picture when it comes to allocating your vote.

#8: The Ones Who Fought

(Pearls Before Swine for November 06, 2018. By Stephan Pastis)

And remember that many died to ensure you have the chance to go out and vote. Don't take this right for granted!


#9: Interaction

(Nancy for November 05, 2018. By Olivia Jaimes)

Fill in the blanks!

#10: Nowhere Else To Go

(Prickly City for October 31, 2018. By Scott Stantis)

The only way to get your party up there is through active participation.

#11: Our Power In The Dark

(Prickly City for October 27, 2018. By Scott Stantis)

Don't leave it in other people's hands and don't think you can't enact change in the world. If things look dire, do something about it!

#12: Other Ways

(Nancy for November 06, 2018. By Olivia Jaimes)

Voting is a right, and your sense of civic duty should suggest it's also a moral responsibility. Remember it's not something everyone can do, so if you are able to, do it responsibly. If you can't, then look for ways to promote participation from others.


#13: Says Who?

(Prickly City for October 30, 2018. By Scott Stantis)

It's not enough to leave it up to fate. Go out and make it happen.

#14: Worrying

(Rudy Park for September 16, 2006. By Darrin Bell and Theron Heir)

Worrying is also insufficient and helps no one. So, worry less, do more. Vote, and convince others to vote as well.

#15: Vote!

(Prickly City for November 06, 2018. By Scott Stantis)

Don't demand privileges and accountability if you don't participate in your own democracy. Honor you own rights by enacting them.


#16: We're All The Same

(Arlo and Janis for November 05, 2012. By Jimmy Johnson)

Almost everyone is angry. Use that. Make your voice heard. Remember elections are the perfect (and one of the few) proper channels to show your anger. Don't express that anger as violence against others!

#17: Alien Control

(Prickly City for November 04, 2018. By Scott Stantis)

If the 2016 elections showed us anything, it's that we should do everything we can to prevent foreign powers to influence our decision to their benefit!


#18: Corporate Interests

(Stuart Carlson for July 23, 2012)

Don't let organizations and massive corporations take control out of your hands. Let them know how you feel about their policies through your vote.

#19: A Convenient Denial

(Stuart Carlson for February 15, 2010)

Even though there's always something you can do about climate change, here's your change to have a significant effect on more than an individual level. Vote in order to save your planet!


#20: Both Sides?

(Tom Toles for November 05, 2018)

And remember to pick your side carefully. Do try and think beyond your own country as well: we all share a single Earth.

There are many reasons why you should always vote. Every election is important, but with the whole world reaching today's tension levels and a toxic political atmosphere, these particular midterms will have a significant effect on your future, the future of your family, friends and loved ones, and the future of other countries. So, if you haven't voted yet, what are you waiting for?



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