Everything You Need To Know About How To Get The Dewy Skin Look

You don't have to cover yourself in highlighter to get that beautiful glowy look.

Not so long ago, matte was the ultimate trend in beauty with tons of products to take out the dewy and glowy aspect of the skin. Now, this is a matter of preference and some still prefer this, but for me, it was extremely difficult to achieve it in a nice way. My skin tends to be quite dry, so adding matte products only made it look dull. Now, when dewy skin started to get popular I couldn’t be happier. I actually think it looks nicer and more natural than matte. Although I’m a huge fan of highlighter and glitter, that’s not precisely the way to achieve that effect. They do the trick, but they actually look way much better when your skin is already moist and hydrated. So, how to achieve it without having to spend thousands on high-end products or finishing your highlighter in the attempt?

Drink water

This isn’t elaborate science. It’s actually something we've all known for years. Water keeps you hydrated and when all your cells are healthy, your skin will show it. When you drink water, your blood circulation increases and provides the skin with an extra elasticity that prevents wrinkles and, more importantly, that opaque grayish tone that takes the vitality of your face. The best part of it: it’s cheaper than any other beauty product out there!



Yes, water is miraculous, but it isn’t everything. You don’t need to follow a rigorous and highly expensive beauty routine to treat your skin. Most of the times, just a good moisturizer will do the trick. You can go for a night or day cream, or both, and you won’t have to get tons of foundation and highlighters to have that iridescent glow.


This is probably my favorite one. Not having the necessary amount of sleep can affect your body in many different ways, and the skin is not the exception. It can increase acne, dry out your skin terribly, and worst of all, accelerate the aging process. So, go get some sleep ASAP!



These are in vogue right now, and there are literally many different kinds that work better for each skin type. Unlike creams that tend to moisturize for some hours and then get easily absorbed, oils will stay on your skin for more time and protect you from the different bacteria and pollution of the air. They will also give you a nice and natural glow on your skin. I highly recommend applying it about 20 minutes before your makeup so that they merge, creating that dewy effect.


Besides pollution, being exposed to the sun can dry out your skin so bad. I know it’s sometimes annoying having to be wearing sunscreen all the time, even when it’s cloudy, but nowadays, it's vital. Leaving aside the dryness, sun exposure can lead to worse things like skin cancer, so it’s better to be annoyed every morning, don’t you think?



Let’s talk about makeup now. It’s widely believed that primer should only be used when applying foundation to your face. That’s not entirely accurate. Above many things, primer seals the pores and protects the skin from the makeup you’re going to apply. So even if you only wear a bit of blush and some highlighter, primer will prevent tiny particles from getting into your pores. Besides that, many of them can add that dewy touch you're going for.

Skin Mists

These are also quite fashionable nowadays, and they're awesome. Most of them contain a large list of natural ingredients that, when mixed with pure water, help hydrate your skin immediately. You don’t have to get the most expensive one nor something really elaborate. Actually, if you have a spray bottle you can fill it with sparkling water and that will do the trick as well.



Exfoliation is also very important, since you’ll be removing dirt and all the dry cells of your skin. Moreover, there are many inexpensive products with essential oils that can hydrate your skin at the same time, so it’s a win-win.

You don't have to spend a lot of money to embrace the dewy skin look. Find the product that helps you the most and let your skin shine!



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