6 Reasons Why Solitude Is The Best Antidote For Your Anxiety

Too often we hear how we are the loneliest population in history. Due to our isolation from one another, it’s no wonder we suffer from issues such as depression, anxiety, and stress. But is it so bad for us to choose to be on our own?

We now have the choice to be completely isolated for most of our lives. We can take online classes, work freelance from home, order our groceries, get better deals for shopping sprees in our email inbox, etc. Yet we find deeper connections through dating apps than through the regular mediums. So, are we truly alone or do we just need to have our own space? Is it possible that by giving ourselves a break from the crowds, traffic, and noise of modern life we can encounter peace?


Clinical psychologist Sherrie Bourg Carter believes there are six elements of being on our own that can improve our mental health:

Refreshes our brain

The constant bustle doesn’t allow for much reflection, so by having our little window of solitude we can unwind and have space to clear our thoughts.


Develop better concentration and efficiency

If every minute of our life is basically having a browser with a million tabs open, it’s no wonder we might be having issues focusing on all our tasks. Take a breather, and then you’ll be able to go back and work on everything without feeling over-stressed or anxious.

Reflection leads to awareness and self-discovery

Being away from others allows us to explore which choices are truly ours versus which ones we make solely out of a desire to please others. Take a timeout for an instant of mindfulness to know if you’re in a situation you’ve selected out of peer pressure or actual decision.


Time for mindfulness

When we feel creatively stuck and burdened, the best combat method could be fifteen minutes with our phone on airplane mode and silent. By letting go of the constant stimulants, we can connect with our own consciousness in order to find new ideas.

A more peaceful form of conflict resolution

 If our brain is on a distraction overload, we won’t be able to calmly consider logical solutions. Instead of simply reacting at a situation, we’ll be able to observe the issue from different perspectives and find a way to fix things.


Being alone helps us communicate with others

It might sound contradictory, but actually if you think about it, this makes complete sense. If we provide ourselves with time to get to know ourselves better, accepting our strengths and weaknesses, we will find it easier to relate to others. We’ll develop more empathy as well make better choices of who we spend our time and energy with.

So take some time each day. A ten minute guided meditation, a moment of ourselves and nature, or even just sitting in our room with all of our electronics turned off. You’ll slowly start noticing how your stress levels go down and your mood stays up.


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