10 Reasons Why The Girl Who Flirted With You Has Moved On

Need a tough talking to?

Were you stupid, clueless, or a jerk? One of those attitudes made you lose a great opportunity. That woman is gone now, searching for a man who will value and love her. Something you obviously failed to do. She gave you all the cues and clues of her feelings towards you. But there’s only so much patience one person can have.

The first motive a girl has to walk away from you is for being a disrespectful, proud, jerk. But there are others, so here are ten reasons why she left.


The more she came to know you, she realized you weren’t the man she thought you were.

She had this picture of an intelligent, tolerant, good-humored, polite guy. She didn’t think twice about opening up her heart but as time went by she saw through the mirage. A pure heart is always better than a pretty face.


She got tired of waiting

You were so blind. She tried telling you a million different ways: a peck on the cheek instead of a simple hello, innocent touches, walking across the room just to give you a smile. You probably just thought she was being nice instead of realizing she was giving you plenty of signals. But eventually she just gave up trying to make you see.

She discovered your heart belongs to another

She was willing to give you everything. She’d leave little notes or gifts on your desk, and she waited for you outside so both of you would walk to the bus stop. She’d be the first person to say good morning with a big hug. But when she looked you up on social media she found you were hanging on to a past love. So she decided to get out of the way.


She met a more interesting man

The more time you let slip on by allowed for someone more charming and sensitive than you to realize that girl’s awesomeness. Unlike you, this other dude chose to act on his feelings and stole her from you.


You offended her with your indifference

A man must be a gentleman regardless of whether he’s in love or not, and you clearly were not. She put up with your aloofness because she hoped for a kiss or a hug in return. But every time she said hello you barely acknowledged her. So of course she eventually gave up trying to please you.

The sex was bad
Flirtation led to the bedroom. Before you guys hooked up she was totally into you but then she was disappointed. So despite her feelings, she chose to find someone she’d share better chemistry with.


She’s afraid of falling in love

Love came in an unexpected way. She fell in love and she found herself immersed in the feeling. She was attentive and started developing deeper emotions. As things progressed, she realized she wasn’t ready for a big commitment and left before she was in too deep.


Because you made her feel insecure with your immaturity

At the start she let things slide. But as time passes, women need to feel safe and close to a man who is mature and sure of himself. You weren’t able to give her that so she had to say goodbye.


Because you lack goals and aspirations

The first stage of love is to be struck by first impressions. She flirted because she was attracted to you. But as she tried to dig into your true nature, she realized you don’t have dreams or goals in life. So she was bored away.

You were too much too soon

She was flirty so you felt you were catching a break. You thought this was your ticket out of Single Ville for good. The problem was it was a little too obvious. Instead of romancing her, you scared her away with your incessant texting in the middle of the night.

Translated by María Suárez

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