A Guide To Embrace The Timeless Essence Of The Vintage Style

"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening."
Coco Chanel

Good things fade for some time, but they always find a way to come back, the fashion industry shares that same trait. Clothes are the best armor and with them you can project anything you wish. Originally, the term vintage referred to high-quality wine made in a particular year and kept for several years in order to improve it. Now, according to the Cambridge Dictionary, it has been imbued with other meanings, "vintage is something of high quality and lasting value, or showing the best from the past."

As the years pass, we latch onto those moments of genius in the fashion world and now we all want some vintage as we browse the countless shops lining the high street. We have to give thanks to designers like Lourens Loux and personalities like Dita Von Teese who have become spokespeople of the vintage style within the sphere of fashion. 

Figure hugging dresses, polka dots, pastel colors, long skirts, and bows are some of the components that make up the vintage look. Do you want a pin-up look from the 1950s? A glamorous style that echoes the golden 1930s?

The Vintage style ranges from the 1920s to the 1950s and each decade has a unique essence. Here are some examples you can adopt that will give your already fabulous look an extra edge. 

Golden 1920s 

A decade of change. Following the dark and traumatizing times of the First World War, a new breed of daring girls appeared with dazzling clothing, daring makeup, and pixie haircuts. The 1920s was the time of short and sparkly dresses, giving women a more boyish and lean look. This is the decade where giants of fashion came to be, such as Chanel. Long necklaces, lean dresses, feathers on the hair, and dark eye make up are a must if all you want to do in life is dance the Charleston. 

Dazzling 1930s

This decade is the understated sister of the 1930s, it is the decade of austerity since the economic consequences of the war rippled across the world. A more masculine style was prevalent, but we also began to see more figure hugging dresses. The hair continued to be short. 

Glamorous 1940s

It is when mankind faces great woe and destruction that some of the greatest works of art are created or the most beautiful books are written. The fashion world was no exception, it was all about the hair, with neat pin curls and twisted up-dos that would reach the shoulders. Make up was demure and understated, but a bold red lip wasn't amiss. While the styles were more austere, the focus was on a tightly cinched waist. 

Seductive 1950s

The pin-up fashion that has been copied and desired by many began in this decade. Long hair, marked sensuality, and all the emphasis on the eyes and lips. 

Now that you have seen the different kinds of vintage styles that exist, let us look at specific elements that are must in your wardrobe.

Brown moccassin-type shoes are a must and they suit every style. Did you know these were popular for the working class since they considered to be durable and resistant? Oxford shoes are also incredibly stylish, brown is preferable. 

A long skirt with a cinched waist will be reminiscent of the 1940s and it is elegance itself.

Lace, loose skirts to the knees, and tucked top are always a good combination. 

Your vintage style can have a modern twist if you add lace and soft colors. 

A sailor look with highwaist skirts and bold colors will make you look incredibly stylish and elegant. 

Bows and polkadots are common for the 1950s vintage look.

A boyish style with an edge that alludes to the 1930s-1940s. 

Once again a long skirt tight on the waist, brown shoes, and a tucked in loose top is totally retro and fresh. 

Written by: Paola Iridee

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