Witchy Tattoo Designs For Women Who Are Not Afraid To Embrace Their Dark Side

A witch-inspired tattoo has it all: beauty, mystery, and a message of empowerment.

The recent success of Netflix’s original series The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is further proof of something we’ve always known: witches are the ultimate symbol of darkness and power, but they’re also perennially cool. Think Hermione Granger, the American Horror Story coven, and the White Witch of Narnia, just to name a few. As mortal viewers, we find them cool not only because of the magical worlds they inhabit, but also because of the extraordinary things that they themselves represent and make happen. In other words, their whole essence is defined by magic and power, and who wouldn’t be inspired by that?

Women, in particular, have been inspired by witches’ power. The reason is that, beyond the darkness and all the myths and urban legends that surround the figure of the witch, women find the beauty in their mystery, their connection to nature, their ancient wisdom, and the strength with which they face a world that would prefer that they repress their power.


With that in mind, here are some tattoo design ideas that celebrate witches and inspire us to embrace a little of their darkness. Whether you actually dabble in witchcraft or you simply find witches inspiring, wearing one of these tattoos on your skin is a way to show the world who you really are and to remind yourself of everything you’re capable of.

Witch Tattoos




Black Cats



Magical Objects

There’s a scene early on in the new Sabrina series where the protagonist, who is debating whether she wants to be baptized as a witch and serve Satan, tells an older witch that she’s not satisfied with the idea of only having power: she wants power and freedom. The freedom to make her own choices, to be who she wants to be, and to think for herself. That is what is so inspiring about her and the countless other witches who came before her over the centuries and choose to enjoy their freedom to the fullest, no matter the consequences.

With these tattoos, you’ll be reminding yourself every day to be like these strong women, and to never let anything or anyone keep you from becoming your truest, most powerful self.



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